Zambia – Let’s Explore

Zambia – Let’s Explore, the home of the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, a UNESCO rated World Heritage Site and home of the best African Safaris. Zambia is immensely endowed with natural beauty, wildlife, heritage and historical sites. The country is one of Africa’s most peaceful countries and its people are evidently friendly and welcoming


Adrenaline thrills offered in the adventure capital of Southern Africa


72 tribes, 10 regions, over 100 colourful traditional ceremonies.


140 waterfalls & rapids, 4050 Heritage sites including Victoria Falls


Explore 20 wildlife parks and 34 Game Management Areas (GMA)

Popular Places to Visit


Livingstone, the tourist and adventure capital of Zambia, located 10km from the Victoria Falls, is enriched with museums, art and craft producers, and superb architecture.


Siavonga town, the ‘Riviera of Zambia’, on the north bank of Lake Kariba, is host to holiday-makers, both local and international

South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park is one of the greatest sanctuaries of wildlife in the world. The Thornicroft Giraffe is one of the nine subspecies and is endemic to the Park

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, a UNESCO heritage site, the largest waterfalls in Africa


Lusaka, the Capital and business city of Zambia! Lusaka officially became the capital of the Republic of Zambia in May 1935, due to its fairly central location

Kafue Nat. Park

Kafue is the largest and the oldest Park in Zambia and Africa’s second largest national park

Popular Things to See and Do