Photographic Safaris

Zambia’s wildlife areas are among Africa’s choicest for photo safaris offering spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Capture every moment up close and in their natural environment. Beckoning moments such as herds of buffalo in hundreds or thousands, elephants, zebras, majestic lion prides, annual wildlife migrations of wildebeest in Liuwa National Park or straw-coloured fruit bats the largest mammal migration taking place in Kasanka National Park.


Some of the world’s renowned wildlife photographers hold Photographic Safaris and Photography Workshops in the national parks, giving photographic enthusiasts an opportunity of fun to interact with like-minded people while enjoying their favorite past time. Photographic safaris are suitable for all levels of photographic experience. During the safari, participants ask questions, try out different photographic techniques and learn from each other.

African safaris allow you to experience the wildlife up close and in their own element.

Other photographic opportunities include culture, Zambia is culturally diverse and colourful.

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Photographic wildlife holidays tend to operate in countries that have large concentrations of big game. While many African countries offers superb photographic opportunities, Zambia is perhaps one of the best for a couple of good reasons.

Several camps in the South Luangwa National Park have been modified and have hides above busy waterholes, making it much easier to get some spectacular shots. There are also a number of guided photographic safaris each year, led by professional photographers.

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