Lusaka is the Capital and business city of Zambia. It officially became the capital in May 1935, due to its fairly central location, its situation on the railway and at the crossroads of the Great North Road and Great East Road, replacing Livingstone. Lusaka was elevated to the status of a City by Royal Charter, twenty-five years later.

It was the site of a village named after its headman Lusakasa, who was located at Manda Hill where today’s Zambia’s National Assembly building stands. After the federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia in 1953, it was a centre of the independence movement amongst some of the elite that led to the creation of the Republic of Zambia. In 1964, Lusaka became the capital city of today Zambia.


Lusaka’s metropolis provides a home to about two and half million (2.5M) inhabitants of many different nationalities, race and creed.

Accommodation options are varied and spread out across the metropolis. Lusaka offers a variety of budget, midrange and top- end options. The level of choice in accommodation in Lusaka is forever increasing as the city rapidly expands. There are five star hotels perfect for the corporate travellers or if you are just seeking luxury for a few days. Mid- range options vary from conveniently located hotels to sophisticated guesthouses.

The city has Conference tourism infrastructure ideal for hosting mega international events and conferences

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