Kalambo Falls

Create your adventure with an exciting visit to Africa’s second highest waterfall, the Kalambo Falls in Northern Province in Zambia, located on the Kalambo River, where it derives its name from. The river flows along the border between Zambia and Tanzania.

Standing at 221 meters, the Kalambo falls is said to be the second highest free falling single drop waterfall in the whole of Africa, surpassed in height only by the Tugela Falls.


The falls is l Downstream from the falls is the massive Kalambo Gorge which runs for 5km before opening out into the Tanganyika Rift Valley. The gorge has a width of 1km and a depth of 300m.

The rugged abyss that is the Kalambo gorge also serves as the nesting ground of the rare Marabou Stork, also known as the ‘Undertaker bird’ because of its menacing appearance from behind; large, dark cloak-like wings that drape its body, long thin white legs and a mass of white feathers that looks like hair. The Marabou has a wingspan of approximately 3.7 m and stands at 152 cm; full grown birds can weigh about 9kg.

Aside from the amazingly high water fall (and the extraordinary wildlife), another must see is the ‘Kalambo falls site’. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Africa and was first excavated in 1953 by Desmond Clark who noticed signs of archaeological activity around a small basin lake near the falls. Primitive tools like wooden clubs and digging sticks believed to date back more than 250,000 years have been unearthed there as well as hearths that indicate the use of fire over 60,000 years ago. If you are in the area it is worth visiting the site which has been gazetted as a National Monument.

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