Ingombe Ilede

Ingombe Ilede is an archaeological site in Zambia, on a hill near the confluence of the Zambezi and Lusitu rivers, near the town of Siavonga close to the Kariba Dam. The name Ingombe Ilede means “sleeping cow”. The site was uncovered in 1960 by government workers. the site was excavated by the archaeologist J.H Chaplin.

The place is thought to have been a small commercial state or principality whose chief item of trade was salt. Textile, copper ore, ceramics, gold and other findings from the 7th till 16th century make this one of the most important archeological sites in the region. The place flowered in the 13th till 15th century, and is supposed to have had trade relations with the Mwenemutapa Empire, people from the Katanga region of the present day DRC and possibly people from India.


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