Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping, the original, the one and only, the must do, the ultimate thrill! 111m of Pure Adrenalin! Off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, with a spectacular backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls. The highest commercial bridge jump in the world in the most spectacular setting!

This must be the ultimate adrenaline rush, as you leap into space, free as a bird, saved from the swirling water below by the rebound of the cord, then hurtled upwards again at great speed. It’s an indescribable feeling that will probably change your life!

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Against all better judgement you throw yourself head first into the emptiness of the Batoka Gorge where you are completely at the mercy of a piece of cord, it’s an utterly blissful feeling. What makes this even more thrilling is the environment of the thundering noise, the fast flowing water beneath and the clouds of mist of the Victoria falls.

This is highly recommended for the slightly mad.

No booking is necessary, just take a stroll down to the bridge. You’ll have to go through the border post as the bridge is in no-mans-land, between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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