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Kafue National Park

The Kafue National Park is both the largest and the oldest National Park in Zambia. In Africa it is the second largest national park covering an area believed to be over 22,480 square kilometres. There are over 55 animal species in the untamed national park. The park was first established as a game reserve in 1924 leading to 1950 when it was declared a national park.

The Kafue National is not only home to the fast felines, it’s also home to over 491 recorded bird species and an undocumented number of diverse species of flora and fauna. The massive park accounts for over 33% of Zambia’s national park system.

The Busanga Plains are famed for the large herds of hartebeest, waterbuck, zebra, sable antelope and buffalo, as well as packs of Jackal and wild dogs.

The Kafue National Park is home to some very special black manned lions that have mastered the art of tree climbing proving that Leopards are not the only big cats in the savanna that can perfect the skill. The tree climbing felines can be spotted perching in a tree and lounging rather casually on tree branches.

The Kafue National Park is accessible from four of Zambia,s provinces. The park is fed by several rivers including the Kafue and Lunga.

When to Visit

The ideal time to visit is in the drier months when the terrain is easier to navigate, the vegetation is less lush and more visible and the animals gather at watering holes in search of water. However, during the wet season, all the vegetation comes alive with color and the park is a green wonderland, it’s equally an amazing sight.

Getting There

By Road

The park can be accessed by road, (which is in good condition) Lusaka-Mongu, from
Livingstone, Victoria Falls through Kalomo town using the Dundumwezi gate on the southern side or Sesheke to Kafue National Park via Mongu in the western province.


Scheduled air services only available during the peak season June to October, Other times, charters are available